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Online Inspection and Consultation

Online Inspection and Consultation

Online video examination applications have become widespread, especially during the pandemic period. Its application in many branches such as psychology, psychiatry, internal medicine and dermatology has been very successful. However, especially in surgical branches, online examination cannot replace the real examination due to the importance of patient examination and tests to be performed with certain devices.

Online Muayene ve Danışma

During the day, dozens of patients ask us questions about their eyes via Instagram, YouTube, Mail and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to answer these questions.

It is not practically possible to both have time and write long answers in writing.

For these reasons, the best result will be for the patient who has a real problem to come and be examined face to face. However, some of our patients try to reach us from distant cities or abroad.

Most of the questions of our patients are open for sharing on our YouTube channel and website, free of charge.

We have an online consultation system for our patients who want to get more personal answers to their questions. This system aims to answer the questions of out-of-town or overseas patients via video, leaving an examination period free during the day.

It does not fully replace the examination, but it is an application for patients who do not have the opportunity to reach us otherwise. Since no other patient examination is performed during this period and a meeting time is reserved, it is subject to a fee, as in all other branches.

If it is free, it will not be possible to implement it in practice as there will be dozens of requests throughout the day. To get information about this subject, you can write to WhatsApp 0546 616 8483.

If our patients come for a physical examination after this meeting, the fee charged is deducted from the examination fee.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akman
Eye Health and Diseases Specialist

You can call us immediately for detailed information, consultation or appointment.

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